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Monday, December 11, 2017


 A. C. R. (Annual Church Report)
 You also can go online and update your ACR; website:
 Your count does matter. 
2017 Annual Church Reports due.
 Savannah Baptist Association Calendar
Association 90-day Calendar Events

December 2017 
No Pastor's Meetings this month.

Dec. 4-10: Weekof Prayer for international Missions
                  and Lotte Moon Christmas Offering

Dec. 25-29: Association/Center Offices will be 
                    CLOSED for the holidays.
January 2018

Jan. 01: Association/Center Offices will be CLOSED.

Jan. 9: Admin. Team Meeting-10AM

Jan. 15: Association/Center Offices will be CLOSED.

Jan. 22: Baptist Center Trustee Meeting-1:30 PM

Jan. 25:Baptist Assembly Committee-6:30 PM

Jan. 30: Executive Committee Meeting-6:45 PM


February 2018

Feb. 01: Center Volunteer Meeting –10 AM

Feb. 11-17: Focus on WMU Week

Feb. 15: WMU Banquet Dinner-6:30 PM

Feb. 19:Center Trustee Meeting-1:30 PM










*Weekly Pastor's Meetings Schedule.


Pastors from the Savannah Baptist

Association Churches gather together at

the Savannah Baptist Center and have a

great fellowship and Word, each

Monday at  11:00 am. 

Please contact Rev.Buddy to RSVP. Lunch

will  follow meetings.



Pastor's  Conference Meetings Schedule 
 No Meetings
 No Lunch 
" Have a Happy Holy Holidays"


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